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Tune Down A 1/2 Step


D|------------   ----
A|-2-2-2-2-2-2   2-2-2
E|-1-1-1-1-1-1 * 1-1-1 xx





D|-76 6--98-8-|
A|-76 6--98-8-|
E|-54 4--76-6-|

Post Chorus Riff:


Paper Cuts

At feeding time
She pushes food through the door
And I crawl towards the crack of light
Sometimes I can't find my way
Newspapers spread around
Soaking all that they can
A cleaning is due again
A good hosing down

The lady whom I feel a maternal love for 
Cannot look me in the eyes
But I see hers and they are blue
And the cock and twitch and masturbate!

I said so
I said so
I said so

Black windows of paint
I scratched with my nails
I see others just like me
Why do  they not try to escape?
They bring out older ones
They point at my way
They come with a flash of light
And take my family away

And very later I have learned to accept
some friends of ridicule
My whole existence is for you amusement
And that is why I'm here with you

And very later I have learned
To accept some friends of ridicule
My whole existence is for your amusement
And that is why I´m here with you!
To take with me
You right to nirvana 


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