Cifra da música: Mexican Seafood - Nirvana

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A música Mexican Seafood fez muito sucesso quando foi gravada por Nirvana. Quer conhecer a letra dela? Veja a letra de Mexican Seafood e cante.

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Fig. I:


Fig. II


Solo I


Solo II (Slightly off, but doesn't matter if you play it loud and fast)


And it goes like this...

Fig. I (four times?)
Fig. II ('till the verse is over)
Fig. I (four times...)
Fig. II ('till the end)
Fig. I (four--)
Solo I (twice (4 measures))
Solo II (twice)
Fig. I (for a while...)

Mexican Seafood

Oh, it's your face, it isn't even
true the jaws and claims
you entertain and chew the fungus mold
is my intraction
oh, it's only a, it is infection.
Only her tonight, until I pay
Only her tonight, I fell asleep
Oh, coming from, the diarrhea
Oh, her tired form
I come in peace and live a dirty book
on the cloudy class, fender burn, and become a childhood mess
Only her tonight, until I plea
Only her tonight, until I sing
Oh, take me back, lets just concise some
flies, bugs and fleas and even meal can't 
stain the vaseline
It's headed burger's out
in case it learns and takes it's childhood such

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