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Once upon a time not long ago
When the time was right, and the money was low
A family packed their bags, and took a chance
And travelled away from their homes and fam's
To go to a place where they wouldn't be safe
And live a life they knew, in a basketcase
To come to a land where they didn't know
Any woman or man, with no helping hand
The only masterplan the people had
Was to give a better life, to their children
So they hoped and prayed for a better day,
In a foreign country they hoped to stay
Just working hard and only getting paid,
Two jobs a day for minimum wage
Didn't change the fact on how they'd react,
When somebody told them to forget their past
And leave it all behind, without it crossing their mind
And blend in with people of a different kind
Time flew by
Kept their family pride, family values and all their feelings aside
They'd pray for help to protect themselves,
They really could't do anything else
It was the only way the family could survive,
And try to keep their hopes alive


I won't let the fame confuse me,
Forget what's important to me
I won't let the money change me,
Rearrange me, jealousy and envy
I would never hesitate to quit the,
Recording music industry
For the price of my friends or my family
And the people that's always been there for me
I won't let the fame confuse me,
Forget what's important to me
I won't let the money change me,
Rearrange me, jealousy and envy
When my bank account is all empty,
And there's no more girls left to tempt me
I'll still be macedoni, same old tony (aha)


In a five bedroom house they had to sleep on the couch,
No money for rent and their ass was out
No sympathy, for the family
Who had to work day and night at the factory
They worked long and hard without a prob,
Twice as fast to keep their jobs
Going to work not even knowing a word
Of the language they heard, i know it sounds absurd
Could you picture yourself with no home or wealth,
With no instant help or no food or heath
'cuz that's the tragic reality for some families, don't be mad at me
Ain't no changing me
Just because i get this opportunity, to persue my dream
And try to be a good imagery, for people that maybe look up too me
'cuz their's a lot of people who don't get the chance
And a lot that do, and just go cuu cuuu
Get caught up in the hype, and the glamour and lights
Get in the newspapers for their criminal indights
Just try to stay true, to my families view
Of me as a person, and all the things i do
'cuz those are the people who was there from the start,
And will be there till the end



We came to dk in the 70's
Now the government, want us to leave
Danish citizen or a refugee
You are a robber, killer or a thief
If you're not danish, they can't believe that can still achieve phd's
And finally when you get the degree, you apply for the job to support your family
You get turned 'cuz your hair is brown or your name is funny, is there a problem sunny, huh?
'cuz that's where the problem is, the man doesn't have a job to support his kids
his attitude is bad, his morals are dying, he keeps on applying but they keep on denying
so what is the man to do,
Society is screwed with their ignorant attitude
That's why i'm gonna work oh so hard, for my family's generation who came this far
who fought for freedom who was strong enough
for my sisters detacation to raising me up
For my mom and dad for raising a man, that's never gonna change or forget his plans
that will still be he, same old tony, mamma's boy from macedoni


I'll still be macedoni, same old tony aha!

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