Letra da Música: Eternity - Y-Not

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It's been quite some time since i told you goodbye
I guess the time ran out for you and i
I had to tell you so, had to let you know
That you weren't to blame for why i had to go
There comes a point in time, where feelings collide
And a man has to deal with his feelings inside
I guess i knew all along it wasn't ment to be
Now i deal with the pain and insecurity
Of being alone, no sms on my phone
On how much you miss me, what time i'll be home
No sweet soft kisses, no mister and misses
No beautiful smile or home cooked dishes
No ring on your finger, no love to remember
It's hot july, but feels like cold december
While i sit i wonder, in tears of thunder
The sun will rise in the clear blue skys


When i cry, you cry
When i smile, you smile
When i die, you die
I can't stop thinking what happened to you and i
When i leave, you leave
When i need, you need
When i see, you see
That we will always be together for eternity


Life goes on, people grow apart
I can't keep pretending not to hear my heart
I'm sorry you know, for what i did to you
All the pain and hurt that i put you through
It was written in the cards that we wouldn't go far
That the tables would turn, and our love would burn
The confessions i told, the price i paid
Was just to cover up for the mistakes i made
She didn't mean anything she was just a flirt
I know i broke your heart and i truly hurts
I'm telling the truth, you're my baby boo
I had sex with her, but make love to you
So while i fill my glass with loneliness
I'm so empty inside, with words i can't describe
How i poisoned our love untill it slowly died,
I can't stop thinking what happened to you and i



Many women come in and out of my life
Before they get a chance to stay i just push them away
I don't let them get to close, to where it hurts the most
Way deep down, i wanna find you know
Tired of looking for love in the lost and found
I'm praying to god i hope he hears me now
I wanna have that special feeling all over again,
Where you are good lovers and the best of friends
Where you fight each other, and make up at the end
And you'll ride or die too, for the girl beside you
Spend more time with her then you do with your crew,
So listen up boo/ i'm still praying for you
'cuz someday, you're gonna turn up by my side
And be the girl i wake up wth for the rest of my life
So untill then i wait untill we finally meet,
So we can be together, for eternity.



Yo listenÂ… no matter what happens.. i will always remember youÂ…for eternity

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