Letra da Música: Heart & Soul - Y-Not

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I gave you everything you asked forÂ… (uhh)
I gave you everything you needed… (uhh – gave you everything)
So tell me (tell me uhh)
Why did you leave me girl (ohh)

(chorus 2):

Gave you everything you wanted,
Gave you everything you needed girl
So why you not here?


(vers 1):

Gave you my blood, my sweat and even my tears
I gave you everything you asked for, so why you not here?
You gone with the wind, where do i begin
To try to explain the situation that you put me in
Started out as friends, caught myself trying to pretend
That i wasn't falling in love with you all over again
Seing the future, you having children with me
Made me, take this seriously
You independently, gave me an injury
Mentally and physically
More than nobody ever did to me
Left me here alone in my pure misery
Wondering what i did to deserve this high penalty

(chorus 1):

Gave you all my heart & soul, now i'm standing in the cold
So all alone now
Think about you everyday, ever since you went away
I don't know what to do


(chorus 2)

(vers 2):

Gave you my heart, my mind and even my soul
I got locked up in a cage without a chance for parole
You left out the do', where did you go?
I feel so betrayed my behaviour is getting out of control
I'm so weak now, can barely even speak now
If you had a man on the side, you don't have to cheat now
I still wonder how, through the storm and thunder now
You can live with yourself, and the pressure you put me under now
Mark my words, i will get over the hurt
And find somebody that can give me the same love in return
From all the mistakes i made, i will truly learn
Baby don't be concerned,
With time my trust you will eventually earn.

(chorus 1)

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