Letra da Música: Gangsta - Y-Not

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Ooh shitÂ…ooh! yeahÂ….
Spread you wings like a y baby (aha), do the y-not dance (aha)
Spread your wings like a y (aha), spread your legs like a y baby
(aha, aha) you think you gangsta? you ain't gangsta (aha), come on!


Don't be actin' like you gangsta boy,
We all know that you's a pranksta boy
Moving round town like a wanksta boy,
You can't handle all the drama boy
Feel so sorry for your mamma boy,
Try to drop bombs like osama boy
See you at the club with the homies boy,
You and your bitches try to know me boy
Ice grillin' fuck you blow me boy,
Trying to get low on the mamma's boy/
We all see through your little plot boy,
Stop being something that you're not boy


When you get in a fight and bring 20 of your friends,
(that ain't gangsta!)
When you buy an old car with some brand new rims,
(that ain't gangsta!)
When you smile in my face and try to get with my chick,
(that ain't gangsta!)
When you hate on me before now you all on my dick,
(now that's gangsta!)


I can't help that i got your girl,
I can't help i get all them girls
From the gucci and versace girls,
To the reebok and nike girls
From the downtown inner city girls,
To the cow, farm and piggy girls
Even the high class and richy girls,
To the down, dirty and ichy girls
From the university study girls,
To the wrestly and muddy girls
No trying to mess with them wanksta girls,
Trying to get me a straight up gangsta girl


(breakdown) {#2}:

Let me see you get down get dirty, (wow girl!)
(just spread yo legs like a y for me!)
Let me see you get down get dirty, (wow girl!)
(just do the y-not dance for me!)


Let's get back to the theme boy
I see right through your little scheme boy
You on that fake montana team boy
It's time to wake up from your dreams boy
Everything ain't always what it seems boy
You will know exactly what i mean boy
When you locked up in the pen boy
Who's the real gangsta then boy
Ai'nt got no future or no friends boy
That's what happens in the end boy
I guess there's no more hope boy
Just try not to drop the soap boy

(chorus) {#2}

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