Letra da Música: Be With You - Y-Not

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Yo this is y-notÂ….
I gotta tell you, about this girlÂ….
She made me feelÂ… so down and outÂ….
YoÂ… i'm going crazy

Been through both good, and hard times/
We were falling apart but couldn't see the signs/
My music was important you were always alone,
I was always on tour, i was never at home/
Business is business you know how that goes girl/
All the nights, where i did you wrong/
Me going to the club, all night long/
Running 'round town, not coming home/ (ohh!)
Taking care of you, like i was suppose to do, babyboo/
My heart still belongs to you/
But now that you're gone things are just not the same,
Me picking up the phone and you not saying my name/

I, ( i )
Just, (just)
Want, (want)
Want, (want)
I, ( i )
Just, (just)
Want to be with you.

After some time, i just gave up/
You decided to move on, and i had enough/
Of all the heartbreaking (ohh!) , bad naming (yeah!),
Everytime we fought it was me you were blaming (come on!)/
I started to go out to clubs again,
I was meeting new girls, having fun with my friends/
But you were still in the back of my mind/
I wish i could turn back the hands of time/
But now that you're gone, it just doesn't work/
When i meet somebody new, i'm afraid to get hurt/
My friends keep telling me you're just not worth it,
But what does it matter when i'm really really hurtin'/
I don't really know, why we broke up/
So why don't we just, kiss and make up/
You can't denie it (you have the same feelings too)/
Baby all i want is just to be with you.


Yo... this you miss me baby?
Yeah, u know everytime that you're gone... i just feel...
Like there's something missing in my life you know?
I just, i just wanna....

(chorus) {#2}

(chorus) fade outÂ…..

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