Letra da Música: Who Do U Think U Are - Humanimal

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Take what u want from me, it's never stopped u b4
Without u i'm high & free, with u i must deplore
U think u got me like a puppet on a string
But the last thing....i'm...gonna do is show the hell
That i can bring,

Life goes on, singing that
Same old song, talking bout the

Right from wrong, but i can't remember giving u the
Reigns now


Who do u think u are?
Did u think that i was blind
& couldn't see right through your cruelty
Who do u think u are?

Did u think i couldn't find
A little peace & some tranquility

Danger, well it's not 4 me, i'm the play it safe kind
U know & i agree, i won't be victimized
Hallucination, i'm dizzy from your.....scam
But i'm sober now, older now, tell u how i got the
Upper hand

There u are, running from the
Near & far, taking my
Shining star, but i don't recall giving u authority,


No matter what u do, no matter what u say
I'm just a memory of what i used 2 be
No matter where u are, what's done is done
4 every action my reaction's my reality

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