Letra da Música: License 2 Kill - Humanimal

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Humanimal - License 2 Kill

i'm sick of the words & the lies
i'm tired of all your evil ways
i don't think u know the power or how 2 play
word 2 the wise, you're life's a delusion

where's all the sympathy now
open your eyes, don't wanna know bout your sorrow, oh


stop your cryin, quit your whining
so you're fallin', i won't be there when you're
callin' again

when u talk you're always splitting hairs
your mouth is a license 2 kill
u don't give a damn how others will feel

your soul is dead & black inside
it's nothing but sweet misery
& God only knows what you're doing, doing 2 me.

it's no real surprise, you're life's an illusion
where's all the sympathy now?
tears laced with lies, forced out 2 beg, steal &
borrow, oh whoa

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