Letra da Música: Way 2 Deep - Humanimal

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Humanimal - Way 2 Deep

where is the soul i used 2 know
u rearranged what did not need 2 fix at all
i guess u know what's best 4 thee
gotta tell u, you're steppin in way 2 deep

u could have it all, if u really wanted
but jaded eyes & clouded thoughts seem 2 reign
they've taken control of reality
i'll say it again, you're gettin in way 2 deep

like a runaway train, full speed ahead
u've lost your way, there's got 2 be some way out
i'm just tryin 2 give u a dose of what's real
all i'm sayin', you're steppin in way 2 deep.


i won't give up on u until i....until i know u'll be
i see there's light at the end of the road, someday
u'll be right on track

where are u 2day, have u found your way (in 2 deep,
will u be back 2 stay?)

are u feeling ok?

can u see the light, are u still runnin blind (in 2
deep, what is are you sacrifice?)

lost in the sublime

oh, i'm tryin 2 help set u free
u don't know, you're steppin in way 2 deep

& every day that passes u by
you're 1 away from finding the truce in your heart

& being who u need 2 be
once again, you're gettin' in way 2 deep

i'll say it again, again & again,
you're steppin 2 deep

it's getting harder 2 get out, cuz u can't live
you're gettin in way 2 deep

either way u regret, but u never 4get,
you're steppin in way 2 deep
like a hole in your head, like a bomb in your bed
you're gettin in way 2 deep

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