Letra da Música: Road 2 4giveness - Humanimal

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Humanimal - Road 2 4giveness
on & on, the battle rages in our hearts
on & on, there'd be no end 2 what we'd start
day 2 day, we realize our clouds are black
4 all the way, u make the wish u can't take back


& try though we may the result is the same
it's always the same

& words can't define why there's no one 2 blame
there's just no one 2 blame


where are u now, someday, somehow
we'll find the road 2 4giveness
where do we go, how will we know
the road 2 4giveness

turn around, it hurts 2 hear u walk away
don't make a sound, cuz every hour's like a day
until we find, the answer 2 this endless war
we seem 2 fight, there is no through the open door

& try though we may the result is the same
we always defy all the rules of the game


when all is 4given, the truth will reveal
the lessons we never learned
we'll take what we're given, the pain that we feel
2morrow we'll taste the burn

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