Letra da Música: I - Humanimal

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Voices in my head, they say it's 2 late
2 find my resolution of love & hate
Don't come any closer, i'd have 2 disappear
Signs of desperation, they're all around me

Oh, i've got 2 get away, is there anybody here, 2 see
My silent scream


I am lost in confusion
I am scared & all alone
I don't need nobody saying
This is the way 2 join the lost people

Broken into pieces, shattered beyond repair
& i will save the world, i'm everywhere
They say i am mad or could i be someone else
The walls just seem 2 move, they're closing in on me

Oh, i've got 2 get out right now
There are eyes everywhere
They all seem 2 stare at me


I hope 4 restoration, i wish u were there 4 me
I'm so sad i'm leaving now
U been much 2 good 2 me
& i thank u 4 the pain

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