Letra da Música: R U 4 Real - Humanimal

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Humanimal - R U 4 Real ?
on your wall ...the mirror smiles
back at u ....so happy happy
so u say believe in me
who wrote your play? cuz u got played

there may always be another reality
making fiction of the truth u thought u found (double

so u wanna be the new sensation, well,
what goes around comes around

all 4 fre e all 4 nothing
celebrity lose your soul
it's a deal a big big deal
make it real i'd love 2 see u try


(just like) watching a show (what's the story)
I wanna know (can u tell me)
how do u feel (come on tell me)
r u 4 real

in you mind repeat your lines
pay no mind no mind 2 pay
more want more feed your greed
what's in store you're all sold out

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