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[Intro:] E

E            A     F#m7  B7
If You Wear Red Tonight
   E             A      D  B7
Remember What I Said Tonight
     C#m                       A
For Red Is The Colour That My Baby Wore
D                       C#m
And What's More, It's True
Yes It Is

Scarlet Were The Clothes She Wore
Everybody Knows I'm Sure
I Would Remember All The Things We Planned
Understand, It's True
Yes It Is, It's True
Yes It Is

F#m         E          A         F#m
I Could Be Happy With You By My Side
Bm             E            C#m
If I Could Forget Her, But It's My Pride
Yes It Is, Yes It Is
           F#   B7
Oh, Yes It Is, Yeah

Please Don't Wear Red Tonight
This Is What I Said Tonight
For Red Is The Colour That Will Make Me Blue
In Spite Of You, It's True
Yes It Is, It's True
Yes It Is

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