Letra da Música: Master And Slave - Y and T

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you wish or command?
Are you under the blade?
Power lives off your fear
And it keeps you in chains
You wanna rise like a star in the night
But something keeps dragging you down
You try to fly like an eagle
In the heavenly light
But no one will hand you the crown
It's such a dirty game
That it fills you with rage
There's only kings and queens
And you're a pawn in their game, of
Masters and slaves
We're divided that way
Are you a master or slave?
Do you rule or obey?
Now ya better learn your history
'Cuz the future won't change
When they tell you it's the home of the free
They must be insane!
'Cause it's dog eat dog
From morning 'till night
And only the strongest survive
It's the law of the jungle
Only winners have rights
The losers relinquish their lives
So you think you're made
When you have your fortune and fame
Don't you realize
Someone's running the game, of

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