Letra da Música: (Your Love Is) Driving Me Crazy - Y and T

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You better swallow the key
I got that look in my eyes
Like the werewolf of London
I'm startin' to change
You know I'm losing my mind
You keep teasin'
That's your game
You like dealin' out your pleasure with pain
Well you can't move like that
Without bein' attacked
You had your fun now you gotta pay
Your love is drivin' me
Your love is drivin' me crazy, crazy
Do you know what I'm liable to do
Your love is drivin' me crazy, crazy
Listen baby I'm warnin' you
Don't try to play with me baby, I'm crazy
Tonight you let the monster loose
I'm goin' crazy on you
You're breathin' fire
Just like a dragon in heat
You wanna burn me alive
But you say "Don't touch baby
I'm so soft and sweet"
Lickin' your lips all the while
But, you're no angel
I got wise
You had your fun with lots of other guys
You made a big mistake
And now it's too late
'Cause you set the demon free inside
I'm the eyes that watch you in the dark
When you think you're locked up safe and all
I'm the hunger burnin' in your heart
'Cause, baby, deep inside you need the thrill
of the danger zone
So keep on teasin'
That's OK
I'm gonna get your love any way
You can run and hide
But I'll be right behind
Gonna make you scream 'til you say

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