Letra da Música: This Time - Y and T

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Talk to me
You can talk to me
Oh, can't you see
I've fallen in love with you
So warm inside
You took me by surprise
I need to hear you tell me
You feel it too
Darlin' I've been so afraid
To share what's on my mind
I believe you're just like me
I can trust in you this time
This time...
So patiently
I've been waiting patiently
For a thousand years I lay alone
But now you're here with me
And with you each night
I feel the passion start to rise
I know the power of my love is like
A flame that never dies
The past if full of fallen stars
Of love that I've denied
But somehow I know we won't make
The same mistake this time
This time I don't have to be afraid
This time all the magic finally came
I surrender
'Cause it's right this time
This time I don't have to make believe
Love is what we have and all we need
Warm and tender
'Cause it's you and me this time
Enfolded in my loving arms
Is right where you belong.
I could never run away
From a love that feels so strong.
From a love that feels this strong!

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