Letra da Música: Red, Hot & Ready - Y and T

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You start me up—girl, know how to use it
When you shake your stuff—you know I can't refuse it
The way you move your body—makes me loose my mind
Should I call your bluff—or are you just the teasin' kind
I need some satisfaction
Just look at the shape I'm in
I need some coolin', c-c-coolin'...girl ya got me
Red hot—red hot & ready
Ya know I can't stop
Caught in the middle of loveÂ…you got me
Red hot—red hot & ready
Girl ya know I need what you got
Red hot & ready
You can call it love—it's easy to confuse it
Call it what'cha want—but baby let me prove it
I can read your mind girl—you're hot, now don't be shy
When I feel your touch—I feel the fire deep inside
Everybody needs some satisfaction
Open up, let it all come in
I need some coolin', c-c-coolin', c-c-coolin'Â…girl ya got me
Ooh child—been a long time, been a long, long time
Ooh child—since I've met a girl who has as dirty a mind as mine

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