Letra da Música: Road - Y and T

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It's been six months since I've seen my old lady
Oh, and about time I got home
Music's my life, but I need me a wife
Oh, too lonely on the road
Stuck in L.A. too damn long
Gettin' hard to handle the load
I'm comin' home to you, pretty soon
No more calls on the telephone
Come in baby, I'm comin' through
I'm gonna snatch ya up and make love to you
Then Back on the road, back on the road
So come on airplane, won't you make it fast
I need a hot shower or I won't last
My baby's waitin' to see me some more
I gotta get back, see that girl next door
The harder I try, the less I can wait
Oh please now airplane, don't be late
I got it all planned out what I should do
Oh baby how I really miss you

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