Letra da Música: You & Me - X Mia

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Mia X speaking with O'Dell & T.C. singing in background]
Hey baby, I know you hear me
I wanna tell our story
It's painful but it has to be heard
Everybody sit back cause Mama Mia's gotta story to tell ya
And it goes a little something like this...[Verse 1 with O'Dell & T.C. singing in background]
Now you and me didn't have a thing in common
Cause I was a quiet daddy's girl, music thug with no problems or drama
Ducking the laws and always facing some charge
Hustling hard and trying to stay on your guard
Oh Lord, how did we ever hook up
I'd ask myself but nothing really mattered but the feelings we felt
You hit below the belt when it came to ya niggas
But at the same time you knew the difference between biT.C.hes and sisters
I used to dig you way back, even though I played hard to get
Frustrated but at the same time your loving it
You never rushed it and put up with my teasing
And smacks to ya hands every time they start to creeping
Sneaking, out to see ya every chance I could
I knew this had to be love, because it felt good
Just to see ya do the simplest stuff like
Walk, talk, smile, even boot up, I couldn't get enough
Of being together constantly baby
The world revolved around you and me[O'Dell & T.C.]
Oh, yes indeed, ooh, yeah yeah[Verse 2]
Reminiscing on my first steps to womanhood
And how you kissed away my tears and fears
Then laughed cause we could almost hear
My heartbeat, legs shaking, heavy breathing
Leading up to ecstasy cause I was getting used to you being
Inside of me, moans drowning out the pains in the streets
Whispering don't leave me, ya calling ya baby
Ya old lady, ya booT.C.hie boo
Caressing and hugging and exchanging I love youa
That's why ya trusted me so much and opened up
Even told me all the things that you had closed up
Inside, took me for rides in Texas and Florida
Trying to dodge the police and most of all the coroner
My innocence was long gone
If daddy only knew that I could breakdown and cut dope on my own
He'd flip and trip out cause I counted cheese faster than a bank teller
And didn't play him short, not ever, you and me[O'Dell & T.C.]
The world was ours, ooh
The motherfucking world was ours[Verse 3]
Three years went by, and it was all about you and I
I heard the rumors about the others but they couldn't come close to the
Love we had and even made you a dad, a shining star
Proud, sticking out ya chest passing out cigars
Rolling hard, cash out the ass
But we have a baby now time to think about some staying plans
So-called friends are getting jealous cause we coming up
The grapevine said they talking bout running up
And I'm scared, I don't wanna see you dead
I'd rather give all this up, just to have you with us
But my pleas and cries couldn't slow ya down
I still see ya bloody body on the ground
I ain't the same, can't sleep wondering how it'd be
If we would've moved on and left this shit alone
You and me a true ghetto love story
That ended so sad and left my child without a dad[Mia X speaking with O'Dell & T.C. singing in background]
This is for all the women out there
Who think that being a hustler's lady
Is nothing but champagne, material things, and money
Then again much love to the dead and all the ones they left behind
I bear witness to that[O'Dell & T.C. singing to fade]

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