Letra da Música: Whatcha Wanna Do - X Mia

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Intro: Charlie Wilson
And you can't keep runnin in and out of my life
Whatcha Wanna Do?
And you better change your ways and start treatin me right
Verse 1: Mia X
I tried to feed you everything you needed
And if I wrote I love you in the sky, you probably wouldn't read it
Cause, you actin like it don't even matter no more
Sometimes, I feel we in a race, tryin to make it to the door
Is it that I bore you, is it someone else again?
Should we put this to an end, and maybe start again as friends
I'm tryin to be mature, but mentally, I'm so tired
And you can't even tell me why
I cry feelin stupid, used and alone
When it's four in the mornin and you still not home
Where did we go wrong, it used to be all gravy
Makin love all night, callin me your baby
But things got shady, now we ain't even close
Treat me like I should leave, and then don't want me to go
Sometimes I think I'm stuck, ?some say we goin on that path?
And then you raise me on the phone and please let you come back
Whatcha Wanna Do?
Chorus: Charlie Wilson
Cause my heart is yearnin for your love
Verse 2: Mia X
Now we been through all kinds of drama
But I'm the only other woman who loves you just as much as mama
I'm tryin to hold on, cause what we had was so deep
And in relationships, you got to take the bitter with the sweet
You keep runnin in and out, messin with my feelings
Playin with my mind and I know you see me trying
But even soldiers fall, remember when you fell
Remember the excuses and the lies I had to tell
?Put penance? for your bail, even though you gave me hell
When you was snortin more than half of what you had to sell
Put up with all your flings, hold my head, feelin sad
But through all the bull, you know it wasn't that bad
You used to make me laugh, show me love and respect
But if you don't make a change, you'll be callin me your ex
Can't keep runnin in and out
Can't keep runnin
Whatcha Wanna Do?
Whatcha Wanna Do?
Cause my heart is yearnin for your, let me inside your love
My heart is yearnin for your, let me inside your love
Whatcha Wanna Do?
Outro: Mia X(Charlie Wilson)
Now what we gonna do?
I can't help but think of all the good times we had
When everything was so right
You know I can't pull all the weight by myself
And I feel like that's what I've been doin lately
It's a 50/50 love in a relationship, remember that
Now you runnin wild out here(Mama Mia, not gonna let you go baby)
Gamblin with all this foolishness in the streets
Whatcha gon cry about? (Mama Mia, not gonna let you go no)
You know what me and you had was real
Why you tryin to let it go?
If you wanna let it go, that's cool too(Mama Mia, not gonna let you go
Cause I'm lookin for a Mr. DoRight
I was hopin it was you(Mama Mia, not gonna let you go no)
Cause when I first met you, that's what you was to me
Now Whatcha Wanna Do? (Mama Mia, not gonna let you go baby)
I ain't gonna keep askin you(Mama Mia, not gonna let you go no)
You already have two strikes
Think about it
(Mama Mia, not gonna let you go baby)
(Mama Mia, not gonna let you go no)
(Mama Mia, not gonna let you go baby)

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