Letra da Música: Puttin' It Down - X Mia

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Silk talking
Yo kl.....what the motherfuckin deal nigga
Fuck you make some shit like this for
This shit too motherfuckin hard
We just gon put this motherfuckin shit down
Yo mystikal
Fuck that niggasee i got some rowdy niggas with me
Now mystikal, tell me how you put it down
Nigga what[mystikal]
I puts it down like my fuckin braids
I puts it down like them 7 days of the unfertilized egg
I put it down like a punk do pussy
I put it down the way a fat bitch eat chocolate chip cookies
I put it down like it's 300 pounds, spot me
I put it down the way mr. t did the first time he fought rocky
I put it down like trap doors and slippery floors
Put it all the way down like privates to stripper's clothes
I put it down the way you put down that shitty baby
I come to get down, but i put down on sheets of paper
They scared of it, the way i flow and how i think
I puts it down like the round out the tanksilk
Uhh ohh told ya'll nigga
We puttin it down
That's it no more no less
But i got mac, kane & abel up next
So mac hit em with something
Tell em what they done got[mac]
Whoaa i puts it down like them killas uptown
Or like when your momma catch you suckin somethin
That you shouldn't suck clown (boy put that down)
I puts it down like a live round murder murder
Or like them vegetarians do to hamburger
I puts it down like when the cops say freeze
Motherfucker put that pistol down put your hands up
And drop to your knees
And when you see me lay it down
Don't nobody make a sound you know
I spray it down if i catch you on my ground
I'm that nigga with that pistol
That hits you when you flex
And go to jail do 1 day and get out
Cause i got connections and umm
I puts it down like the last don
Soldiers get your blast on
Whoaa[kane & abel]
I put it down like a nigga got snuck in the chin
Put it down like when the sgt holler give me 10
Put it down like cement shoes when they drop in the river
Put it down like my rocks when the po pos chasin a nigga
I put it down like a casket goin down 6 feet
Or something like them dice when they bouncin off the street
Put it down like some shit when it hit the toilet
Put it down like some coke when i'm bout to boil it
Put it down like babies fallin out the bed
I put it down like the soldier rag saggin on mac head
Put it down like pippen on a fast break
Put it down like freaks hittin the ground
After beat down on jerry springer tape
Wait put it down like shells hittin the ground
When i'm bustin rounds
Put it down like beats by the motherfuckin pound
Kl in the 1st roundsilk
Mama drama and fiend up next
Nigga what[mia x]
I puts it down like pens and pad like mama drama rhymes
With the mind of nostradamus the bombest
Droppin on pearl harbor nigga yeah that's the way i lets it go
I puts it down like reecee at the stone show
I puts it down like four flats on the deserted row
With no gun, phone, or triple eight to save you hoes
I puts it down like mommsha's lips on satan's dick
And you love it
I puts it down like yea & glass, jars from waters bubblin
Still tubblin
I puts it down like roy jones' opponents
Lookin up at the referrees so haters you don't want none
I puts it down like sit down mothefucker be quiet
I puts it down like billy clubs smashin heads during the riot
Excited cause i puts it down like that niggas hands
When his fingers got a chance to feel past my underpants
I puts it down like order in the court no doubt
And lays it down like the motherfuckin rules in mama's house[fiend]
I come around hype put it down like how it sound like vicious
I put my name on my game style tight like a dyke does bitches
Watch me excite these bitches once they know who i be
Bustin out the expedition ????????
Did you see me on mtv blowin zone up in the zone
Put down my # on paper because i wanna put a down on
I done clown zones, i'm a bust rounds on see i'm a jones
And i put it down like cedric fame by louisiana up in the dome
See i'm blown but usually i'm foolie when i'm bad with the toolie
Puttin it down like the first fan at i'm bout it the movie
Give me my tank and my duty pack a coolies and roll me a sweet
When i'm up in them seats put it down like my first week to meet

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