Letra da Música: I Pity U - X Mia

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damn, this shit is cold
no matter how hard you try to come up
there's always a motherfucker who got their foot in your back
these days a few motherfuckers
i mean there's more haters than soldiers and playas
trying to understand whats going on
niggas trippin, white folks slithereing around
I pitty all them sad motherfuckers

who you trying to see bitch
acting like you know me
you don't even wanta run up on this biggest mama don-es
push the bomber shit out the back door
crack, china and herb headed straight to the suburb
ain't nothin changed but the route my Legend takes
to shake the crooks that's out to to stick me for my papes
I hate to make my hollow tips follow the red beam
but I can't let you hatas steal my dreams
I'm duckin sireens, daily
cause crooked officers is known to take your
cheddar cheese right up off of you
I'm warning ya
flamboyant niggas and bitches, high-sidin them illicit riches
I bear witness to the way they kicked in the front door
slam me on the floor, steel up against my temple
beatin on my man and callin us outloud names
this type of shit ain't gonna never change
it's all in the game
ghetto thang got my name ringin way in your hood
I'm paranoid but at the same time wishing you would
test me
cause you gonna get handled
your corpse will dangle from a magnolia tree
as an example, I trample the many in my life time
I aints boastin, but if you cross me
me and my niggas will be posted up, to tear shit up
straight casket stuff
nonstop cause we aint trying to hear the word enough

I pitty you and your whole crew
trying to see me and the T-R-U gorilla squad
I don't give a fuck how many
bet every penny
the tank won't lea

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