Letra da Música: Sex Education - X Mia

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[silkk talking]
Yo, i'm silkk the shocker, know i'm saying?
Everybody's like if they ever meet me
They'll do to me, come on, not!!!
But i'm looking for somebody who could teach me
Something i don't even know, for real
Know i'm saying?[verse 1]
Yo, yo, yo, imagine this, flash my wrist
When i grab you, miss
Do everything, but if i forget something, ask me
Trying to do it til you're happy
You're a teacher, so teach me, when i make it to school
I'ma stay in detention for a while cause i'm a thug so usually i
Break a few rules
Imagine pleasure from night time, fin to get sun in
Uh huh, receiving gifts, never ever have to trip on no money
So when you need me, know where to reach me
Beep me if you wanna get freaky
I know a lot, a few things you could teach me about sex[chorus]
Sex is something when your body is pumping, thumping
Sex is something when your body is thumping
Sex is something when your body is bumping, bumping
Sex is something when your body is thumping
(repeat twice)[verse 2]
Welcome to the school of professionals
We can get it soaking wet while you get us going
Anything goes when it's easy to score
There won't be a move and you can't ignore
So here's your lover, instructor today
Any questions you may have after class, i'll demonstrate
And we'll take it slow, and when it starts to drip
Just sip and let it flow
While i undress you, i caress you, show you how i test you
And along with your body, i recognize, gotdamn pretty brown eyes
Allow me to sex educate you as i roll baby all through the night[chorus][verse 3]
[mia x]
Mama is the best teacher
Certified in opening wide, guaranteed to please ya
Mia, that southern diva
Keeps you hotter than grandma's heater
Be the one you call when you want your toes to curl
From my up and down, and my round and round
But remember i'm a rodeo girl
And i fulfill your dreams, i know you know what i mean
Legs spread like 9:15
I rip this thing so mean, bout it bout it, no doubt
Have you sweating like a jane fonda workout
Put the lights out, we done had enough mirror time
Now we bout to get down and dirty
Deeper, daddy, harder, do your thing cause it don't hurt me
Work me and i'ma work you, put my lips on that thing too
Deepthroat and never ever ever choking
Make you swear you're seeing stars boo
We ain't through, it's a all night thing
Just ride thin til the cops come knocking
Like that, i don't take no slack
I am to please, and all my students come back[chorus][silkk talking]
Know i'm saying, the only thing you could teach me must be sex
Huh, well, let's get class on and go to work

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