Letra da Música: Mommie's Angels - X Mia

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[Kenya Miller]
Angels! Ooh ooh
Angels! Ooh oh ooh angels[Mia X (Kenya & Lawand Johnson singing in background)]
Precious little boy and girl growing up fast, in this foul world
Mama's trying to do all she can to get through the tough times
Press rewind and go back to early days
And I would do it all the same way
Keep my babies, yeah I struggled
But God ain't give me more than I could handle
Sent me two angels when my life was tangled in knots
And they're all I've got
My everything so pure and sweet
Two perfect little parts of me, the heart of me
Mommie, pulled some rabbits out some hats to pay the bills
And fix ya meals, cause you both gave me the will power
To tower over obstacles in our path
And when I'm sad, ya innocence makes me laugh
So glad to have a son and a daughter, so I strive harder
To keep it tight and bring comfort in your lives
And I try not to bash ya dads and bring you in the drama
Though you both know I've been the daddy and the mama
And I'ma keep doing all I can
To make a strong black woman and man, out my angels[Chorus: Kenya & Lawand]
Oh my angels, yeah
Mommie's angels, mommie's a-a-angels
Oh angels, mommie's angels
You're my angels, my angels, my angel child
Ooh, mommie's angels, angel, angel
You're my angel, ooh, mommie's a-a-angels, angel yeah ooh[Verse 2]
I'm ya real model
Don't need to play no role and I don't hold, rap, or move the dramas
For the way my flowers blossom
I'ma put it down and keep it real for the both of you
Expose you to life, let you know wrong or right like
If y'all sell dope you might go to jail or get killed
If y'all use drugs y'all will destroy ya minds, lie, and steal
Lose ya self-respect, essence and ya pride
And mama won't succeed the birth of ya rise, so strive
If y'all sleep around unprotected
Expect to have a bunch of little children
All diseases that can't be cured and
If y'all quit school ya play the fool that's half steppin'
Intelligent black folks are our strongest weapon, get ya lessons
Vocal sessions on the regular, eye contact
I'm ready to take responsibility for the mine's act
So save that blame it on him, her, them for mine
I'll have to find the time to shape their little minds
They're my angels[Chorus][Verse 3]
I'ma carry y'all till y'all can carry yourselves on ya own
Hugs and kisses way after y'all grown
Help ya out when ya need but stress independence
Unconditional love, that's my life sentence, no repentence needed
This is how it's supposed to be
And I'ma keep my children close to me
Hope to be, the best mama that I can
Precious Lord please take me by my hands
And guide me with ya righteous wings
Cause I don't want my babies to regret a thing
He's my king, she's my queen
They're my world, thank you for my little boy and girl, mommie's angels[Chorus to fade]

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