Letra da Música: I'll Take Ya Man - X Mia

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Mia X is back and I came to out rap
You so, get out my face before I smack you hoe
Yeah you know respect who I am
Cause if you mess with me I'll take ya man

Well I'll take ya man right out your crib
And make him do the shit for me that he never did
So when you see us together perfing in the place
Super shocked, got the dick look on your face
Go head roll your eyes, talk some shit
But you ain't bad enough to get em up with this bitch
Now you can call me a raw man stealing hoe
But I couldn't take you nigga unless he's ready to go
You know what's up
I'm all about chin checks
Mia X gets wrecked on dumb young chicks
Like you fucked the rest of your crew
Them hoes getting somewhere when I starts to shoot
I gives a damn
You know who I am
Fake bitch don't play me close
Cause I'll take yo man

I'll take yo man
Ya fiancee your husband
The niggaz you sweating and all your fuck friends
And when I say I will you know I can
Don't fuck with me
Cause I'll take yo man

I'll take yo man and bitch you got to deal with this
Its not a bet or a threat
Its a damn promise
From me to you
Think you the shit
I send him back with the news that he's pussy whipped
And packing all his shit
You thought you had that locked
But now I push his Lex truck up and down the block
Cheddar knots, ice rocks, hands get frost bite
Shopping sprees to Loisviller after just one night
Nothing nice, boss skills in the b-e-d
Close your shop once my legs spread a quarter to three
The biggest Mama sippin Mo
Still running the show
Got your man on a mission body ?? my dough
Hoe you don't know if ya coming or going
Look at you face, the jealousyc1

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