Letra da Música: Flip 2 Rip - X Mia

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Yo Mia. I got the firest beat and I want you and Mac to bust off it.
So who goin first?
[Mia X]
It don't matter to me, Boo.
Well, we gone flip for it. Call it in the air.
[Mia X]
[Mia X]
Mac, you up first.
Say, KL. Since I gotta go first and shit I'ma kick this shit one more time
for the old fake ass niggas who thought I lost it. Ya heard me? Check it

Verse One: Mac

Street camo
Cover my flesh
I'm one of the best in the contests
They steppin to Mac without a vest on they chest
If all you wanted was rest
Then I'm your Nyquil guy
Your night time sniffin and stuffiness
I kill with one shot
The murder murder verses
Quench lunatic's thirsts
I get pussy from nurses
Comin from churches
The camouflage A-S-S A-S-S I-N-acap

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