Letra da Música: Bring Da Drama(Ft.Big Ed, Fiend,Mr.Serv On) - X Mia

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[Big Ed]
My initial's explosive (BOOM!), left my enemies' corpse exposed
Cats when they told ya, now D-Body did the work and I'm loaded
I bust for niggas that down, gat to gat combat military tactics
So watch your set, cause the gat's a constant threat
Bet that I won't have a problem with cueing my killers
I got G's in the hood, and warriorettes slicing they some peelers
Rip the skin off your back, from your neck to your ass crack
Nigga it ain't my body, can't believe that you asked that
T-R-U tatted on my abdomen, been a killer since the eights age of ten
Got the crowds jumping
So what you wanna do, what ya thank
I have skunks that'll match your carcass saying damn that nigga stank
AR fifteens spitting shells like a elephant
Apologies are relevant, haters start protecting put out hits
Cause this is Ed a.k.a. Assassin
Me and my sister Mia X, we just counting cheddar laughing

[Chorus: Fiend, (Big Ed),

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