Letra da Música: True Violence - T.A.R.

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He settled the score when he pulled the
trigger on his magnum 44
insane to all
when he ran for his life they tracked
him down and kicked his ass
insane to all
they broke down the door and dragged
him outside
insane to all
they kicked him in the face and in his
head until he bled
insane to all

Hail true violence x4

Shot of poison in your vein
take a round of lead only blood is red
electric chair but who cares
it's all the same only stiffs are dead

He spent a year and a half behind bars
waiting for his trial
insane to all
he was convicted and thrown in jail for the rest of his life
insane to all
he tasted hell when he was used and
abused by his inmates
insane to all
he could take no more when they found
him hanging aboce the concrete floor
insane to all


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