Letra da Música: Choice - T.A.R.

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No hero
I fell the same way I did before
my chances are zero
but I don't care anumore
come tomorrow
will it ever
do you see me
I'm one no one
the devil
leaves it to me
will he feed me
to the hungry crowd

Where is the love, where is the hate
desperate for anything
when do we love, when do we hate
is this my only sin?

My thoughts are filled with darkness
will they be for eternity
I am no one at all

With no will to live where do I go
I believe in nothing at all
who will cry for me I don't know
When I stand here all alone

I feel my rejection
no attention
and I put myself inside this place
hoped it would be
a bigger space
and it's my choice
you bet it is
to step into the

Places filled with darkness
where you lose your sanity
something to fill the dark days
something inside this black hole
I am no one at all..........................

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