Letra da Música: Kiss Of Death - T.A.R.

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Walking like a dead his blood boils cold
his pace is quick but his steps are old
his prey is young and it's soul is pure
and if it fights is nothing new
but it got to be too much then the kid was dead
something snapped cause he lost his head
one was not enough he wanted more
one and one and one lost track by the count of

Scream he walks free again
hate hang him high or let him fry

We want them dead
the kiss of death

Lies he controls and manipulates
why in his head his love is great
sick to the core but kids don't score
like a shark that tastes blood wants more
and the tears fall silent to the floor

When the face of love is the face of pain x3

Did you see the news today
something's wrong
did you know did they say
smell the shit you breathe
and taste the crap you eat
close your eyes the crime satisfies
you ask me do you believe


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