Letra da Música: Stained Shadows - T.A.R.

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Father, Mother, look at who I am what
I've become
but don't bother
brothers, my sisters walk with
pride don't crawl and hide
like others

You don't want to be here in the
you don't want to walk in my

Here in the shadows with me
black, my soul is black
like shadows in the rain
shadows that are stained with blood


Give me, give me, give me, give me the
key to death
tell me, tell me, tell me what to believe
in next
can you see my hate it grows in the
the shadows inside my head

I, I am the lord of dirt
with scars in my face cracks in my
and all the darkness of the world
trapped in my soul
don't be like me don't follow me don't
try to see what I see
don't try to be like me never try to be like me
never try to be like me
never, never
never, never, never

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