Letra da Música: Living In Hell - T.A.R.

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I, I've read a book
it tells a tale
about to places we can go to
heaven or hell
the choices two
we make them me and you
we, we sell our souls to a demon on a cross
but in-between the lines there is reason to

Must we live in pain
I find it all insane
we're living in hell
true there is love in hate
this is our fate
we're living in hell
living in hell

Why if there's life
life after this who can resist
confess and tell the truth
not a lie to win the youth
I hear voices
telling me this:
only the strong survive in hell
living in hell

Murder, genocide
the rape of a crippled child
torture and pain
here in hell, we're all insane
while the devil laughs on his throne
we're living in hell

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