Letra da Música: Summertime Girls - Y and T

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Oh yeah, I
Just wanna watch the girls go by
It's like poetry in motion
Against the hot summer sky
I'm in love
At least every minute or two
Until the next little girl walks by
I think I love her too
Oh, I—I can't help myself
But I just loose my head
Every time you see 'em walkin' by
Summertime girls
You make my whole world go 'round
Summertime girls
When you lift me up
I never come down, no, no
She's hot!
I dig her wiggle and oh that shake
You can read that body language
A million miles away
Sometimes I, come on just a bit, a bit too strong
But I just like to pretend
That I can have 'em all
No time, time to catch my breath
So easily impressed
It doesn't matter if it's day or night

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