Letra da Música: Straight thru the heart - Y and T

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They say where there's smoke there's fire
But you turn a spark into a blaze
I ain't calling you a liar
Just speak the truth when you speak my name
I know how you talk about
Everyone when they're not around
In such a wicked way
Burn 'em all with the things you say
If they knew, they'd walk away
Straight thru the heart
Straight thru the heart
You should be ashamed
Straight thru the heart
Words in the dark
From the things you say
Straight thru the heart
First cut 'em down to sucker size
But you say I'm OK
That's what you're doing
Can't tell the truth from the lies
With that smile mask on your face
Oh you cause such hurt and pain
When you talk that way
So if you wanna still call me friend
Count me out of your bad, bad talking

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