Letra da Música: She's A Liar - Y and T

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Look at the way she shakes her hips
When she walks my way
She pouts her lips
So don't tell me I don't have a chance
With that girl
You're gonna say she's all hooked up
Got a big boyfriend, and he's really tough
Well just watch me while I strut my stuff
'Cuz I know
She's a liar
When she says she don't want my love
She's a liar
'Cause her baby don't give her enough
She's a liar
When she says I'm not the one she needs
She's a liar
Well tonight she's gonna give it to me
Look at the way she flashed those eyes
Gotta be a fool not the realize
There's somethin' burnin' deep inside
Of that girl
You're gonna say that's just her style
When she looks that way
And she smiles that smile
Well you'll be surprised when I get mo, mo, mo
No girl can tease all the time
That girl's been lyin' but
She'll tell the truth
She'll tell the truth tonight

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