Letra da Música: Shake It Loose - Y and T

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Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it yeah
Well I'm all fired up and I'm getting really ready to burn If you think I'm staying home, you know you gotta gotta lot to learn Everybody's jammin' tonight, gonna smoke this town Can't take it? Don't want you hangin' around Oh, well I'm ready right now
Shake it loose, shake it loose On the run, yes, we're havin' fun tonight Shake it loose Ridin' high
Havin' so much fun, must be against the law 'Cause the music's so loud it's putting cracks in the wall Ain't leavin' 'till I'm weavin', and I ain't even started yet Get wild and insane as you can get Oh, well I'm ready right now

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