Letra da Música: Pretty Prison - Y and T

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Here - at the top of the mountain
Looking out at everything I own
Here - at the top of this mountain
All alone
Got all I want, but not what I need
I touch no one and no one touches me
It's not all that it seems to be
Look at me
I sit alone in this Pretty Prison
Behind these walls of stone
From room to room of this Pretty Prison
I will roam
Night falls - here I am again
Silent screams - darkness closes in
Loneliness makes another call
God damn it all
I worked so hard reaching for a dream
I worked so hard that I couldn't see
It's not all that it seems to be
Look at me
Oh Lord, I can't take this loneliness
I give you all I got
Let me start again
Oh Lord, teach me how to live
Give me one more try
Let me learn how to live

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