Letra da Música: Meanstreak - Y and T

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Overtime everyday of the week
Still the house ain't big enough
Spend your money so fast
That you never see the green
Big, better, best, tell me where does it end?
Keeping up with the Joneses is tough
Better open your eyes boy
She just wanna buy, buy, buy
Better wake up boy
I'll tell you why
She's got a mean streak
But you love her so much
You don't wanna see her mean streak
Everybody knows she's got you on a leash
Mean streak
Well she'd laugh in your face
But you're kissin' her feet
You're never good enough
In the eyes of a woman with a mean streak
Every time that I look at you boy
I can see you're a nervous wreck
You try too hard to give her every little
Big car, big pool, big house, heart attack
You'd better bend or you're gonna break
How far can she take you
She just wanna buy, buy, buy
She's gonna break you, I'll tell you why
It could be different now
If she thought you'd say goodbye
But you're too weak to try
Things won't change 'till you open up your
How could you be so blind?

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