Letra da Música: Life,Life,Life - Y and T

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a bloody scene
Hear the population scream
As the missile rushes in
Can't you feel the flames of hell?
Can't you hear the tollin' bell?
It's the sound of the world coming to an end
Is it too late, too late?
To make to make the politicians bend
We let the insane play their fool's game
They're runnin' a race for death
And we want
Life, Life, Life
You'd better pull your head out of the sand
If you want Life, Life, Life
It's time to break down the chain of command
When will they be satisfied?
After everybody has died?
Well that's the way it seems to be
Now it's not only the USA
Everybody's to blame
We gotta stop the war machine
Is it too late, too late?
To stop their evil master plan
It's a fool's game – a mistake
When they laugh in the face of death
'Cause we want

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