Letra da Música: Let It Out - Y and T

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Feel the heat, beat the drum
We're like a tribe—after the battle's won
Hear the screams in the night
You gotta—let out the primitive side
In your blood, under your skin
Ya feel it burn, but 'cha don't give in
Ya wanna run, ya wanna fly
You wanna reach up and touch the sky
Everybody's on fire and they just can't hide
It's a burnin' desire...you got to
Let it out, let it out
Baby let it tantalize
Whoa—let it go tonight
Let it out, let it out
Baby won'tcha fantasize
Whoa—let it out, let it out tonight!
You've got dreams to rule the world
Don't wanna be your daddy's little girl
You wanna shock, you wanna tease
Baby out on the edge is where you wanna be
Feel the madness, hear the sound
Movin' fast, keeping low to the ground
Like a lion in a rage
Baby, here I am to let'cha out of your cage
Everybody's got a fire that they just can't hide
It's burnin' desire
I can show you the other side
Take you to paradise
It's waiting for you tonightÂ…whoa

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