Letra da Música: I'll Keep On Believin' (Do You Know) - Y and T

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Do you know what you're doin' to me?
Do you know I can't set you free?
Do you know that at night I just ain't sleepin'?
Do you know I can't take anymore?
Do you know what I'm livin' for?
Do you know that you're all I have worth keepin'?
You're keep on sayin' that it's over
I got a feelin' you don't know what you're losin'
Do you know you're in every dream I dream?
Like a picture of a face in a magazine
You don't know that I've tried so hard to forget you
I think about the love we made
And I wonder if I'll ever find another
Oh! Another girl like you
I'm cryin' through the lonely days
But baby through the lonely nights
I'll keep on believin'
I won't let our love slip away
I gotta keep believin'
That baby you'll be comin' back
Comin' back to stay
Now when you're lyin' in a strangers arms
You're gonna wish you were with me
Oh! That's when you'll remember
And when you have a change of heart
Baby you'll know where I'll be, so

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