Letra da Música: I Believe In You - Y and T

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You came to me
With your love to share
Showed me always that
You'd be right there
Well, the love we shared
And the times we had
Were like a dream, baby, they were never bad
But how I felt has changed with time
And you know my life has ceased to shine
But I'm telling you
I believe in you
I believe in you
I believe in you
All I want to say to you
I believe in you
I believe in you
The way you are, I love you for
I only wish that I had gave you more
And after all that we've been through
I still see myself right here with you
Your phony friends, they all counsel you
The things they say
Oh, you know aren't true
'Cause even though I've been away, such a long time
Just remember, baby, you remember, baby
When you here me say, I'm telling you

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