Letra da Música: Girl Crazy - Y and T

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Movin' to the backbeat
Walkin' down Main Street
Checkin' out the new scene
Watchin' all the girls go by
High heels, short dress
Baby, make your heart a mess
'Nough to make you confess
Now, dreamin' ain't no capital crime
Hot little mama, little blue eyed baby
Swept my feet right off the ground
Well I can't help it, now I just keep fallin'
Every time I turn around
Now, I'm gone
Gone, gone, girl crazy
Lookin' so good in the hot summertime
Yeah, I'm gone
Gone, gone, girl crazy
You know I can't help if I got that one track mind
Girl crazy
Runnin' in the rat race
Trying to get to first base
Red lips, pretty face
All just a matter of time
Waitin' for my big chance
High school romance
Black lace, tight pants
Oh, someone's gonna lose their mind
Well, I'm just sitin' here, sippin' on a cooler
Watchin' all the girls go by
Ain't nothin' like a beautiful girl
In the hot summer sky

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