Letra da Música: Don't Stop Runnin' - Y and T

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You know I thought you were so naive
But you were runnin' a game on me
'Cuz baby I saw through your lies, lies, lies
When I had the world in the palm of my
You never looked at another man
But when I started to slip
You said bye, bye, bye
Time has made you just a memory
Now I'm winnin' so baby if I see
You runnin' back to me – you better
Keep on runnin'
Don't stop runnin'
Keep on runnin'
'Cuz you can't catch me
Keep on runnin'
Don't stop runnin'
Keep on runnin'
Well ya heard I got my big break
So now you're sayin' that 'cha made a
And you wanna come back for the ride, ride,
Well the word is out all over town
You're not the only girl who's chasin' me
Take your place at the end of the line, line,
Used to love you but you set me free
Table's turnin' – now you're begging me
But baby can't you see – you gotta
If you wanna get next to me
Don't stop runnin'
If you wanna feel the ecstasy
Don't stop runnin'
If you want it like it used to be
Keep on runnin'
So you want another chance with me
Don't stop – runnin'!

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