Letra da Música: Break Out Tonight - Y and T

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The streets are misty in the morning light
The fog hides everything from view
It's time to make a move to change my life
I've gotta make my dreams come true
'Cuz I know there's something more inside of me
I'm losin' my mind livin' a lie
I won't get nowhere if I don't break free
I'm not runnin' away but I just gotta try, to
Break out tonight
The door's within my reach
Break out tonight
'N I don't need no key
Break out tonight
I got the power, I want the glory
And now it's time to do or die
Break out tonight
I hear a siren and I feel the heat
A prowling shark in black and white
A painted angel handcuffed in the seat
A child cries alone and dies without a fight
And all these dead-end streets keep tellin' me
I'm losin' my chance the longer I wait
They say you can't escape your destiny
So I'm makin' my move before it's too late, to
You wanna make your dreams reality
But something's got you caught in a vise
They'll try to tear you down and fit you in
So break open the cage if you wanna fly

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