Letra da Música: Anythinf For Money - Y and T

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Heard a preacher man on the radio today
Well, if you wanna go to heaven
He's the one that you gotta pay
Send all your cash, right there to his church
That's what he said
And he guarantees Saint Peter will get the
Send a check today
He's laughing all the way
Anything for money
He'll do
Anything for money
Yes, he will
Anything for money
Oh, he'll do anything for money
Waiting for the all-night movies on my TV
Some guy comes on, he's standin' on his
Says: No cash down, but you can still drive
one away
Well, what will you do with all the green
you save?
No he's not insane
He's just makin' it plain
Everybody needs
and everybody wants
Gimme the green!
It's what they need
I know a girl who lives in Baltimore
The trains all stop, at her front door
She'll do anything for 20 bucks, until a
quarter to four
The tracks are packed and you can't fit no
You gotta pay it out
And that leaves no doubt, she'll do
Anything for money
Anything for money
Anything for money
Oh, she don't feel good about it, but, it gets
her that green
Shine shoes, wash cars, clean your pool
Walk the street, walk the beat, be a fool
Buss tables, sew labels, park cars
Up at dawn, mowing lawns, string guitars
Just send me your check
Gimme, gimme the green
I'll do anything for 20 bucks man

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