Letra da Música: The BandWagon - David Neil Cline

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Memories stabbing at my soul again
Frustration to the point I can't explain
Our days are numbered it's plain to see
Subconscience suicidal tendencies

Moronic doing their daily routine
Addicted to Prozac and nicotine
A marijuana conspiracy
Can only be hooked on, what they want ya hooked on

So come on, jump on the bandwagon
Just follow me now, see what the others see
So come on, the party's just begun
Just follow me now, be a part of history

They'd like for you to think that I'm insane
Lurking in the woods hunting human game
Some psycho madman wearing fatigues
Jumping out to get you from behind the trees

Truth of it is I'm just a normal guy
Who believes in preserving our rights
Concerned for the future of the children
It's gonna get ugly, it's already ugly….


I'm flipp'en on the news, what do I see
Corruption and absurdity
Officials of the government
Busted for embezzlement
Another priest convicted pedophile
Exempt from taxes all the while
Filmed police brutality
Abusing their authority

What can we do, what's it gonna take
The constitution we must reinstate
A revolution would surely change
The way these lifer, yuppies look at things
A war on Terror is just what they need
For bigger government to succeed
And they want to take away our guns
You mother fuckers, you crooked fuckers


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