Letra da Música: I've Been Told - David Neil Cline

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I chew gravel and I spit stone
At night I walk the woods and my dreams I share alone
The current sweeping nightmares tides bringing new lives
When they hit the shores we take to the skies

I'm as starry- eyed as I can be
See anymore stars it'll be the end of me
Tearing up my brothers pointing me to the grave
Pathing me the way an overdose case

Can't you see
The world is just a magnetic set of eyes
Soon you'll be
A victim of this world's hideous lies
Mistakes of the past
Have led to dreams that have turned to ash
My future shall be
But who's to say how long it will last

Grab a few beers for the road
Don't drink and drive yea well I 've been told
Crawling down the corridors in my mind
Somehow I get the feeling I've been left behind

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