Letra da Música: Metal Rules - David Neil Cline

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I'm flicking on the radio
And I hear the same old shit
I'm sick and tired of love songs
And I'm sick and tired of wimps
Ain't going for no college boy look
The world must know I'm free
Ain't gonna live my life for somebody else
I'm gonna live my life for me

People go out of their way to come up and say
Hey I once had hair down to there
They tell me my hair's been out of style
But I tell them I don't care
It seems these days the latest craze is looking like a fool
But I remember the old days
When looking cool was cool

When I was a kid I would lay in my bed
With the headphones blasting music through my head
Drove my parents crazy jamming on my axe
I thought that massive distortion was where it's at
As faith would have it I would progress
I wanted to be on top with all the best
Set my life goal omitting school
Destine to follow the heavy metal rules

All the radio networks can go to hell
Because the heavy metal circuit is doing well
I gotta have more metal
I need more steel
I'm gonna tell the world just how I feel
So all you pussies stay out of my way
You don't know where the talent is anyway
Because the music you're trying to cram down our throats is Boring

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